Top 30 Most Popular Classroom Resources

Lesson TitleSubject(s)Grade(s)
Harry's Horrible HairArts EducationK-2
Alphabats - AlliterationK-1
Interactive Story MapK-2
Regular vs. Irregular Verbs2
KutaSoftware: Algebra 2 - Multi-Step Equations Part 1Mathematics, 7-12
Book Report Alternative: Comic Strips and Cartoon Squares6-8
The Wind and the SunK-1
DRUM IT OUT: Cardio Drumming Routine1-3
Storybots/Learn to Tell The Time/Learning Songs for Kids/Netflix Jr. Social StudiesK
KutaSoftware: Algebra 1 - Percent of Change Part 37
Would You Rather Fitness3-5
KutaSoftware: Algebra 1 - Percent of Change Part 17
Grammar Police2-3
Public Encryption KeyDigital Literacy and Computer Science8-12
Denzel Washington Gives Malcolm X's Powerful Speech/HBO MaxSocial Studies4-11
What is a Map? Crash Course Geography #2Social Studies7
KutaSoftware: Algebra 2 - Adding Rational Numbers Part 27
What You Might Not Know About The Declaration of Independence - Kenneth C. DavisSocial Studies2-5
Laws, Rights, and ResponsibilitiesSocial Studies1
Triangle Dance (Tutorial)3-6
KutaSoftware: Algebra 2 - Multi-Step Equations Part 3Mathematics, 7-12
Prefix-Suffix Bingo3-4
Hey Diddle, Diddle! Generating Rhymes for Analogy-Based Phonics Instruction1
Practicing SyllablesK-1
What Is Sociology?: Crash Course Sociology #1Social Studies9-12
Which Letter Team?1-3
Context Clues4-5
Supply and Demand: Crash Course Economics #4Social Studies12
Know and Use Your SettingsDigital Literacy and Computer Science5
Oral Blending and Segmentation ActivitiesK-1