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Storyboard: Welcome to the Underworld

A Learning Activity is a strategy a teacher chooses to actively engage students in learning a concept or skill using a digital tool/resource.

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Author: Rebekah Odegard Sewell
System:Dothan City
School:Highlands Elementary School
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Activity ID: 2949
Storyboard: Welcome to the Underworld
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Welcome to the Underworld from
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After reading The Lightning Thief Chapter 18 and the paired reading from, Welcome to the Underworld, students will create their own storyboard. Using a storyboard template with six scenes, the students will try to incorporate six different vocabulary terms from the "before activity." Students will use the vocabulary in the correct context in their own creative storyboard.

This resource was created in partnership with Dothan City Schools.

  Associated Standards and Objectives  
Content Standard(s):
English Language Arts
ELA2021 (2021)
Grade: 6
27. Discover word meanings by analyzing word parts, examining connotation and denotation, or using print or digital reference tools.
Unpacked Content
Teacher Vocabulary:
  • Word parts
  • Connotation
  • Denotation
  • Print reference tools
  • Digital reference tools
27. Students know:
  • The meaning of words can be identified by examining the word's morphological structure or its connotation or denotation.
  • Strategies for using print and digital reference tools.
27. Students are able to:
  • Use word parts, connotation, and/or denotation to determine word meanings.
  • Use reference tools to determine word meanings.
27. Students understand that:
  • If they encounter an unfamiliar or unknown word in text, they should use a strategy to discover the word meaning or consult a reference tool to find the word meaning.
English Language Arts
ELA2021 (2021)
Grade: 6
29. Use academic vocabulary in writing to communicate effectively.
Unpacked Content
Teacher Vocabulary:
  • Academic vocabulary
29. Students know:
  • Academic vocabulary is language that is more formal than spoken language.
  • Writing skills.
29. Students are able to:
  • Use academic vocabulary to communicate effectively through writing.
29. Students understand that:
  • To clearly communicate in writing, they should utilize formal, academic vocabulary.
Learning Objectives:

The students will:

  • Create a storyboard with six scenes from The Lightning Thief (Chapter 18) giving allusions to Welcome to the Underworld.
  • Write sentences using at least one new vocabulary term in the correct context and denotation or connotation.

I can:

  • create a storyboard that describes the six most important scenes from chapter 18 of The Lightning Thief
  • include six new vocabulary terms in the storyboard.
  • understand and use a new vocabulary term in a denotation or connotation form.
  Strategies, Preparations and Variations  

This activity would work well as an individual or partner activity. The students will need a printout of the storyboard, a pencil, and a set of colored pencils or markers. The students will also need their notebooks with the 11 vocabulary terms they wrote from the "Before Activity."

The teacher and/or students will review the 11 vocabulary words to decide which ones to utilize in the storyboard. Be sure to decide if the vocabulary terms will be used as a denotation or a connotation. After having read both The Lightning Thief (Chapter 18) and the paired reading from the before activity, Welcome to the Underworld, students will write down six of the most important scenes and create their own storyboard. Within each scene, they must include at least one sentence to summarize the scene, using at least one vocabulary term. The scene must have an illustration to depict that scene and it should be colorful.

Assessment Strategies:

When teachers are evaluating this assignment, they should look for the correct use of the vocabulary terms that their students used in each scene of the storyboard. In addition, they might evaluate the completion of the task, having a picture to illustrate each scene, and using complete sentences and grammar throughout the storyboard. See this rubric as an example.

Advanced Preparation:

The teacher will need to select which storyboard and rubric they prefer before starting this assignment and make sure each student has a printout of each. It is always best to go over the rubric before starting the assignment. 

The teacher will need to instruct students to get their notebooks and something to write with. 

The teacher should be certain that students understand each vocabulary term and that they must choose six different words to use within their storyboard.

Variation Tips (optional):

Tier 2 Intervention: Teachers could provide sentence starters along with the vocabulary term that might be used in each scene. 

Advanced options: Teachers may require more than one sentence or more than six vocabulary terms used in the storyboard. 

Digital options: If there are digital devices for each student, the teacher may require students to use a Google Sheets template. I like this free version here. Be sure and download the link before starting the activity to ensure your computers are compatible.

Notes or Recommendations (optional):

This activity can stand alone or be used as a During/Explore/Explain activity for the following learning activities:

Welcome to the Underworld (before activity)

Gimkit Vocabulary Review (after activity)

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